Would you like to make extra money the easy way ?
All you have to do is be able to talk to people.
Do you know how to wax a car? Clean the windows? Yes it's that easy. 
Then you can make easy money cleaning and restoring Headlights anytime anywhere. 

Make money day one. Cleaning and restoring headlights in any parking lot,Truck stop,gas station,car wash,car dealers or neighborhoods for $5 $10 $20 each only taking minutes per lens Make $100 a day with very little effort.

This product sells itself. Once people see how amazing LenzClear works, they will be more then 
happy to pay you. Instant headlight cleaner, simply apply a small amount of LenzClear to a dry cloth and wipe the Hazy oxidized headlights clean ...Make $20 in minutes not hours. Imagine if you charge more.
 Go out with a friend or build a team. The sky is the limit. Watch our videos to see how it  works and call for information. Be your own boss, Make your own hours 
  Start making money now. It's that easy.

 Next Time you are out and about, Look at all the foggy yellow Headlights
 Driving around and you will start seeing Easy money $$$ Just waiting for 
 you to go out and get it. 

 Contact us about our re-seller program Make even more money $$$




  1. rwjones101 says:

    Mike name is Randy Jones I live in Washinton State and like to talk you about reselling your product.

  2. steve says:

    hi can you tell me were can i buy your product as i live in the united kingdom thanks

  3. biztitan says:

    Mike, How do I sign up to get the deal you offered Greg?

    • Mike says:

      Hey Greg,
      So I See you like Lenz Clear and would like to resell it. Please give me a little more information on what market you would like to sell too, and I will work with you to help you succeed

      Thanks Mike

  4. greg says:

    What is my cost and what is the customer cost if i were to sell your product?

    • Mike says:

      Hey Greg,

      Sorry for the late response. For the 1oz bottle I can give them to you for $5 each, case of 24 you make $5 per bottle, and for the 8oz bottles, case of six, I can give them to you for $20 each you make $20 each bottle. the 8oz is great for car dealer ships, car washes, window tinting,truck stops and detail shops.

      Let me know your interest and I will make it work.

      Thanks Mike

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