The Truth About Restoring Headlights
Headlights with an aged, cloudy or hazy look are becoming increasingly common as the average age of vehicles on the road continues to rise.  Most modern vehicles use replaceable bulbs with acrylic or polycarbonate plastic lenses.  These plastic headlight lenses are naturally prone to discoloration. Fortunately our tests show that for a minimal cost, even most junkyard headlight lens covers can easily be made clear again with LenzClear!
                  .                                                               Actual headlight (half restored) with LenzClear from a local junkyard
repaired half light 001
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the primary culprit in the headlight aging process, compounded by other environmental factors. The problem tends to be most serious in warmer, sunny climates, but we’ve seen plenty of evidence in northern regions to.
In our experience, some makes and models seem to be more susceptible than others. Depending on the size, angle and composition of the lens and whether the car is garaged or spends its life in the open environment, this can impact the the effects.  These can vary from just a slight yellow haze to making lenses virtually opaque.headlight yellow
If you had tried other headlight restoration products in the past, or even had it professionally done, we have found  that many lenses had begun to haze over again no matter which system you use.  It is common to refinish lenses annually, confirming that headlight restoration is not necessarily a long-term fix. The sun and environment will discolor your headlights again over time. So your headlights will need to be maintained just like the rest of your car.
There are many “do it yourself” headlight restoration kits available for purchase. Most of these kits require multiple stages of wet sanding to remove the oxidation of the headlight lens (yuk) usually with ascending levels of grit. LenzClear does not.  So if you have to restore and maintain your headlights, why not do it the fast and easy way that will give you the same results!  WE GUARANTEE  you will find that LenzClear is the easiest and most cost efficient way to restore and maintain your headlights for as long as you own your vehicle.
                                                                                      Easy in a Bottle bottle resize crop
Selling a vehicle? Restore your headlights in seconds with LenzClear to make your vehicle look much better and increase the value.  
  Disclaimer:  Even though LenzClear is an absolutely amazing product and will restore 95% of most headlights, there are just some headlights beyond repair and may just need to be replaced..  


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    Hello Mickey.

    Processing usually takes 3-4 business days, We have been very busy. your order will be sent out on the next business day with tracking in your paypal

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  2. Doris says:

    I want to try the LenzClear out and want to order the 1 oz bottle. But after adding it to the cart and trying to check out, I noticed that there is a $3.50 shipping and handling and international delivery but my shipping address is in the US and don’t know why it keeps saying international delivery. Is it an error?

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