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Cloudy oxidized headlights affect hundreds of thousands of vehicles in virtually every make of car and truck, foreign or domestic. Headlight restoration or headlight repair is the process of cleaning the headlight lens with headlight cleaner kits, Most which require a lot of work and multiple levels of sanding and polishing, LenzClear does not. Save money over expensive replacements, restore them yourself, it’s quick and easy with LenzClear, best of all anyone can do it with no special training or tools, its as simple as just wiping the oxidation away, Keep in mind looking into a “Headlight Deoxidizer” which is non-abrasive and would do the job in under a minute like LenzClear is the best and easiest option.

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other kits                Or LenzClear wipe headlight                                                                                       LenzClear.com                                                                                  


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