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.  .                                                       This Guarantee is intended for the average consumer not for the professional. 


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  1. Don says:

    Hi Mike,
    Is there anything that is toxic or dangerous to touch or inhale when using LenzClear?


    • Mike says:

      Hey Don. LenzClear has a very low toxicity it is biodegradable and is cut with 50% water, We do suggest wearing gloves like with any other chemical if you plan to use it on a day to day bases, like in detailing cars ECT. it is less toxic then your typical car detailing and household cleaning products. If you watch my demonstration videos you will notice that I am not wearing any gloves, for you apply it on the headlights and on the rag. We do suggest the obvious, that you wash your hands after every use, like you would with any other cleaning product.

      Thanks for your interest


  2. Mike says:

    Hey Mark

    Please give me your first and last Name your order number, and I will send you out a new bottle


  3. Mike says:

    Please tell me the date of your order.

    Thanks Mike

  4. Dlind050852 says:

    The dirt/dust is baked on the headlight from sitting out in the sun for months. Will LenzClear remove that???? It feels really rough like sandpaper.

    • Mike says:

      Lenzclear will remove the oxidation off most headlights as long as the Uv clear coating is not flaking off. On the front page of this site, you will see a test headlight from a junk yard that was pretty bad, it also had a rough feeling to it and you can see by the half we did, that it cleared up very well. In our testing we have found that even some of the worst headlights that would need to be resurfaced, LenzClear still made quite a significant improvement in making the lens more clear. LenzClear is a UV coating safe product, so it will not hurt or remove the UV coating off the headlight, it will remove all foggy yellow oxidation. Thanks for your interest in LenzClear, I hope this information was helpful.


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