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Dim yellow oxidized headlights are a safety threat and can limit your visibility while driving. It can also limit others drivers from seeing you. LenzClear can help you restore your hazy headlights to their proper Clearness. night image


  1. timsl1999 says:

    How does your product keep the UV rays from continuing to degrade the acrylic? Is there a UV protective chemical in your product, or is there another product you recommend to keep the cleared lamp clear? Thanks
    Tim Lanier

    • Mike says:

      Hello Tim thank for your intrest in LenzClear, we are currently working on, and will soon have a special UV spray coating that will last a year or more. Lenzclear as it is now is a great product and will clear your headlights right up, but we are also selling Lenzclear as a maintainence product as well. wash your car, wax your car, clean your headlights ect. your headlights will fade again because they did fade from new. There really is no permanent fix, if there was, the automotive industry would add it into the plastic when made. Think of plastic oxidation like rust, once it starts its very hard to get rid of. Look for lenzclears NEW anti fade UV coating very soon. This will be as closes to permanent as you will get.

      Thanks Mike

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